Soil-Vapor Extraction (SVE) And Air Sparging

VEIR Corp has installed numerous SVE systems throughout the central valley. Projects have ranged from the simple supply and installation of equipment, to the installation of extraction wells, placement of below-grade piping, electrical connection and operation of the completed system.

VEIR Corp has extensive experience in conducting field trials, design, tendering, and construction of systems. We have designed and installed sparge units on many sites to augment SVE recovery in tight clays and to augment the biological remediation in porous soils .

VEIR Corp has several units available for rental or lease. Our systems have been custom built to meet the client's specific needs. A typical system has provisions for water treatment, air-phase treatment, oil separation and water discharge. The system sizes have ranged from 5 H.P. single-phase blower units to three-phase 40 H.P. units. We can operate systems using supplied single or three-phase power or with our diesel generator. All treatment system are tested prior to mobilization to site to ensure that the unit will meet the client's requirements and expectations.